Comparative typology of English and Spanish. Levels B2 - C2. Book 1

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Tatiana Oliva Morales is the author of the methods and manuals of the series © Linguistic Reanimator, for accelerated preparation for exams at school and linguistic university; of the series © Comprehensive child development from 3 years of age; the author of more than 200 books and study guides in Russian, English and Spanish; English and Spanish teacher with over 25 years of experience; poet and writer.


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The book consists of 20 phonetic exercises and exercises for translation in / from English and Spanish. Working at the exercises for translation, it is necessary to know such grammatical topics as the coordination of tenses, conditional sentences of 1 to 4 types, passive voice, gerund, participles etc. The book contains 8442 English and Spanish words and idioms. There are keys to exercises. It is recommended for schoolchildren, students, as well as for a wide range of people.

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