To be a writer. Book 1. Storybook

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Tatiana Oliva Morales is the author of the methods and manuals of the series © Linguistic Reanimator, for accelerated preparation for exams at school and linguistic university; of the series © Comprehensive child development from 3 years of age; the author of more than 200 books and study guides in Russian, English and Spanish; English and Spanish teacher with over 25 years of experience; poet and writer.


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The book contains 5 stories. Here I tried to convey my thoughts about how gradually, imperceptibly for myself, over the course of decades, I became a writer. You can write books, write a dozen of them, while not feeling like a writer. It was just like that with me. One fine day, having drunk the morning dose of black coffee without sugar, I realized that it had happened. That's all, I can’t stop writing, so I am a writer.

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