Hikki and Meteocrap

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The book is written in a humorous genre. The action takes place in the 22nd century. A meteorite falls to Earth, after which an epidemic of the meteovirus called Meteocrap begins on the planet.


Author Information

Tatiana Oliva Morales is the author of methods and manuals of the series © Linguistic Reanimator, for accelerated preparation for exams at school and a linguistic university; of the series © Comparative typology of English and Spanish; of the series © Comprehensive early development of children from 3 years. The author of more than 500 books and study guides in Russian, English and Spanish; English and Spanish teacher with over 25 years of experience; poet and writer.



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Tatiana Oliva Morales


Hikki and Meteocrap


Дизайнер обложки Tatiana Oliva Morales

© Tatiana Oliva Morales, 2020
© Tatiana Oliva Morales, дизайн обложки, 2020


Table of contents


Hikki and Meteocrap
Part 1. Meteocrap-3030
Hikki Komori
Laid-back persons
The spacesuit regimen, but there are no spacesuits, nevertheless there is a way out
Maybe yes, maybe no
When the money runs out
Part 2. Memories of the mask regimen
Прогулка к мусорному баку
Метеовирусная Хрень
В стагнации
Последняя сосиска
Свет в конце тоннеля
It doesn’t hurt to dream


Part 1. Meteocrap-3030


In 3028, a meteorite fell to Earth. It was the one that, according to official sources, brought to the planet a terrible «gift», which was later given the name meteovirus-3030, popularly called Meteocrap.

The virus carried with it the threat of annihilation of the whole of humanity, acting, however, very selectively, in the sense that it clearly worsened and even killed or, on the contrary, improved some people, endowing with not typical previously positive human qualities, and in the meantime it completely ignored some persons.

Well, what it even means, it ignored. Of course, they were carriers of that infection, but at the same time they did not have any symptoms, nevertheless being dangerous to others. For that very reason, they were assigned along with the infected patients to special reservations, unless they were caught.

— And how exactly did that virus affect humanity? — you may ask me a perfectly reasonable question.

Well, it influenced everyone differently. Judge for yourself. In our house there lived, a very greedy and rude man — nothing more than a pig. So, under the influence of this viral crap he mutated into a swine, after which he was placed in a special ghetto for viral mutants.

And here is another case. In a neighboring house there lived a teacher of elementary grades — the woman was the kindest soul, though she was poor. The teacher’s salary wouldn’t exactly buy her a lot, what’s true is true. Nevertheless, she always gave alms to the poor at the church, and helped everyone around.

She also mutated, got supernormal abilities from the virus, made an important scientific discovery, after which she received the Nobel Prize with the other regalia in addition, and moved to live in a suburban mansion.

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